brings certitude and, together with passion, it is the foundation for fulfillment.

Trust in what you feel and think and not what you should feel and think.

Karin Döring




Passion inspires and gives freedom. And it encourages you to try new things, because it could always be that there is one thing or another that you want to pursue passionately and that you don't even know.

When was the last time you tried something new? Do it today. Concentrate on your passion, let your intuition take the lead and now live your best life.



Passion and intuition have always been with me and help me to quickly determine what I'm passionate about and what bores me. That's why I've tried a lot in my life, at work and in my free time.


And so I was able to find out that my greatest passion is my fellow human beings and creativity. In painting and my art, both passions find each other and I let my creativity and enthusiasm for people run free.

To go to your own limits and to overcome them in order to achieve goals is a great challenge. I do this with every single new painting and show people that it is worth breaking through and crossing your own boundaries and thus unleashing undreamt-of powers. We all have our limits, big or small, that we set for ourselves.

unforeseen powers

emotional longing

With my art I want to reach my fellow human beings deep in their soul, trigger them emotionally, trigger grief and pain, joy and compassion, security and care. Represent the longings of the heart and soul and uncover them in the viewer."

Emotionale Sehnsucht


Karin Doering

is a contemporary artist who has been creating art autodidactically since 2017. Her first exhibition in 2018, where she presented large-format portraits for the first time, was a success with a sale of all works.

Afterwards the artist exhibited nationally and internationally in Germany, Austria, France and the USA. In 2020 she will receive the 'Artist of the Future' Award from Contemporary Art Magazine.


Your artistic work is constantly changing and developing. Since 2021 the artist has been working on the new series of portraits in stripe technique that resulted from her work process, in which she realizes portraits with geometrically placed stripes.


Karin Döring was born in Germany in 1972 and lives and works in Schwäbisch Hall.


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