My portraits | I paint FACES intuitively, my creativity is inspired by my intuition and makes me do things differently every now and then. This leads to my portraits sometimes being very figurative and almost photo-realistic, sometimes in very bright colors and more abstract. But all portraits have one thing in common: ​ The view immediately captivates the viewer and never lets go. The human being my preferred motif. Full of empathy and love, I not only paint the portrait itself, but rather the entire person with his soul and his thoughts on the canvas.

All works are unique and stamped with my initials KD on the front, signature, title and date can be found on the back of the picture. Sale with certificate of authenticity.

For me, following your passion is the greatest form of freedom. Those who follow their passions are free. The added value for all people who follow your passion is satisfaction and balance, deep happiness and fulfillment.

Karin Döring